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Tooth Marks - Falling Down

Bedford alt rockers Tooth Marks have released their fourth single 'Falling Down'.


'Falling Down' may be the strongest song to come from Tooth Marks yet. The Bedford trio have a wide variation in their music and have recieved a really good response to their first three singles. Comparing 'Falling Down' to these previous singles it is completely something new and not at all what I expected. 'Falling Down' feels more modern than the songs that Tooth Marks have presented before, especially compared to 'Fight For You Any Way' which I think felt very 70s/80s inspired. This new song feels fairly guitar driven and throughout the chorus there is this catchy guitar melody that makes you want to bop along with the track. At around the 2:40 mark this guitar melody changes into something even cooler and I was very impressed. Lyrically and vocally I also think this song is the best to come from Tooth Marks. The message lyrically seems to be about the fact that we all fall down sometimes but you can get up, focussing mainly on the prior. Dan Briscombe's vocals in this one I think feel more polished and really fit the style of this song.

Tooth Marks are

Dan Briscombe: Vocals Arunas Kaciulis: Lead Guitar David Cload: Bass

Listen to 'Falling Down' HERE

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