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Sinka - Messiah

Sinka release their first single "Messiah" from their EP "Take Me To The Skies", which will be released later this year.


This first song gives us a glimpse into what we might expect from the trios new EP. "Messiah" delivers really great guitar riffs that compliment the almost sad sounding vocals. It also gives us are first sight into the theme of the EP which guessing by the name and the cool artwork we are looking at something with a space theme. The band teased fans on Instagram with a new picture everyday that eventually showed the full cover of the new EP. I personally am really excited to see what this band bring with the new music. They always in my opinion bring something a little bit different than the time before and I can never be 100% sure what to expect from them yet they always deliver something awesome. The new EP "Take Me To The Skies" will be available from the 16th of April 2021. This EP is produced by Elliot Millman, the digital render by Declan Sewell-Sears and the album artwork by Sam Rogers.

Sinka are:

Shaun Sewell-Sears: Vocals, Guitar Matt Smith: Bass Jack Wright: Drums

You can listen to "Messiah" here:

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