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Shadows Calling - Spirit Shifter

EP Name: Spirit Shifter

Artist: Shadows Calling

Released: March 2023

Rating: 8/10



  1. Eraser

  2. Spirit Shifter

  3. Midnights Eye

  4. Our Own Escape

Five-piece alt rock band Shadows Calling released their strong debut EP 'Spirit Shifter' earlier this year.

Writing original material for the first time Darren O'Keefe began Shadows Calling during the COVID lockdown. The founder of the alt rock band didn't have far to look for a fronting member as his sister Jen (Inhale The Fall) was the second to join the project. Next followed Scott McGowan who O'Keefe found on a musician's website playing guitar, then O'Keefe's friend Barry English was also recruited, and finally on bass is Mike Jordan. Shadows Calling combine elements of grunge, metal and hard rock to create their powerful gritty sound. The bands debut EP 'Spirit Shifter' was recorded with John Murphy (For Ruin) at his studio in Kanturk then was mastered by Marco Tervonen (The Crown) in Sweden. The EP delivers four tracks that show the bands individual instrumental talents and every track is powerful and is captivating to listen to. Starting strong with 'Eraser' the energetic rock track instantly had my attention. When the vocals come in, I was taken by surprise, Jen delivers this powerful depth that makes you want to listen. You can hear the experience she has gained with her years of musical experience. I really enjoyed the contrast of the beautiful and powerful vocals over the gritty rock guitars, and I thought it showed Shadows Callings individual sound. Following on is the title track 'Spirit Shifter' this one again opens with power but the guitars are a little dirty and heavier as the second track takes on a rock n roll edge. Once again the old school sounding vocals come in with power and the rolling bass and drums carry you through this classic sounding track. 'Midnights Eye' is my personal favourite on the EP, and I knew it was going to be from the second I heard the opening riff. It's rolling hard rock with an anthemic quality. This is a large song that seems to pull from various hard rock influences, and I could imagine it fitting perfectly as the soundtrack for some big action film or Western. The way "Midnights Eye" is sung over the large sounding guitars makes this one addictive to listen to. 'Our Own Escape' which closes the EP is a haunting and calmer track yet is still packed with emotion and strength. This one allows the vocals to shine and really shows off what Jen can do. 'Our Own Escape' builds with crashing drums and dark guitars letting this one shine in its own light and stand out on the EP. 'Spirit Shifter' is an EP that I feel lucky that I got the chance to check out. Shadows Calling are delivering old school hard rock with a modern twist. You can hear that they have fluidity within genres, and this is their first release. If 'Spirit Shifter' is anything to go by then I think we can anticipate some great future releases from this band. For now, though I recommend giving this debut EP a listen a few times at least.

Shadows Calling have also shot a video for 'Eraser' at St. Georges Arts and Heritage Centre in Mitchelstown with Epic Productions.

'Eraser' (Video)

Listen to 'Spirit Shifter' HERE

Shadows Calling online

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