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Scarsun - Flickering Light

Alt-metal band Scarsun have released their most recent single 'Flickering Light' which is the first installment from their upcoming EP 'Higanbana: Part Three'.


Scarsun have released their next single 'Flickering Light' which is the first from their upcoming EP. 'Higanbana: Part Three' will be completing the trilogy of EP's that the group have put out so far. Scarsun in my opinion are a really cool band that deliver classic inspired alt-metal. From South Wales the group seem to always be playing shows and gaining new fans along the way. I have personally really enjoyed their music since I heard their 'Higanbana: Part One' EP and I think with every release I hear they grow and develop more into their own sound. 'Flickering Light' feels a little groovier and smoother than the hard-rock/alt-metal sound than I am used to from Scarsun. I feel like this style really suits the group and allows listeners a chance to really enjoy the vocals. Of course, the track still comes complete with soaring guitar moments and a sort of 2000's alt-rock chorus. 'Flickering Light' in my opinion is the most fun song I have heard from Scarsun and I really, really like it.

Catch Scarsun on tour

14th July - Newport - McCanns

Scarsun are

Letha Curtis: Vocals Matt Hall: Guitar Aaron Jukes: Guitar Jim McDonald: Bass Nathan Miles: Drums

Listen to 'Flickering Light' HERE

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