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Scarred By Truth - Blind My Eyes

Scarred By Truth release a music video for "Blind My Eyes", a video that is full of cool imagery, and a song that in the chorus reminds me of early days Metallica.


Musical collective Scarred By Truth have released a video for song "Blind My Eyes" which is off of their debut EP of the same name.

The song focuses largely on mental health, coming from a band that like to focus on the issues in the world this is not a surprising choice of topic to write about. Aside from lyrical content (which I enjoyed) the song overall musically really has an essence of early days Metallica. Specifically in the chorus. There's a moment within the song about 3:40 that really intrigued me, the song feels like it completely changes pace and in a good way.

"We always intended to have a performance video but Pandemics and such got in the way" (Scarred By Truth - Instagram)

The video for "Blind My Eyes" is a lyric video that has the lyrics displayed over cool imagery. There seems to be a main character, a masked figure, that we see throughout most of the video. I found it interesting that the group originally wanted to do a live performance video but had to settle on this, a video that I believe suits the song really well.

You can check out Scarred By Truth's debut EP and their social media's here

You can watch the video for "Blind My Eyes" on Scarred By Truth's Youtube here

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