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Ocean Tides - This Has To End Somewhere

'This Has To End Somewhere' is the powerful new track from Ocean Tides.


Ocean Tides have released their powerful new track 'This Has To End Somewhere' which features Connor Sweeney. Ocean Tides are a new hard rock band that are worth your attention. Steadily the group are gaining listeners and I think as people find these guys, they're going to become fairly popular. Most recent track 'This Has To End Somewhere' has already been featured on Radio 1 Introducing with Alyx Holcombe. New track 'This Has To End Somewhere' delivers heavy riffs and powerful vocals. Having listened to a bit of Ocean Tides discography, this one for me isn't as strong as say 'Cut Loose' but it does have more of an emotional edge. I would say that 'This Has To End Somewhere' is a bit soundscapy and definitely shows off more emotionally charged and powerful vocals. It's very modern hard rock with a hint of metalcore. This one may not be my favourite from these guys but that's not to say I won't be listening to it again, while also keeping an ear out for what else Ocean Tides have to deliver.

'This Has To End Somewhere' ft. CONNOR SWEENEY

Listen to 'This Has To End Somewhere' HERE

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