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NTT - Faded Visions

NTT's new reflective and emotive single 'Faded Visions' is available to listen to now.


Artwork by Nico The Freakshow

On the 9th of June NTT released their new reflective piece 'Faded Visions'. NTT was formed in 2020 by vocalists Nate and Zack then after their performance at the O2 Academy Islington (2021) the pair decided they needed to grow their ranks and add more members to enhance their live show. Mike 'Bang Bang' West eagerly joined in 2022 and was quickly followed by Mario Krandiotes. NTT have already achieved things such as co-headlining The Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff to headlining The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden and in 2023 they have performed in the popular Metal to the Masses competition and their track 'Monster' saw them shortlisted by Kerrang Radio in 'The Deal' competition. 'Faded Visions' is the second release in 2023 for the Kent based Nu-Metal group. The track focuses on self-reflection and broken dreams while serving as another reminder that you are not alone. Much like other songs from NTT 'Faded Visions' has a huge chorus and this one is sure to be a fan favourite. This new single is easily a favourite of mine from NTT. I love how honest and reflective it seems; you can literally feel the emotions that are being poured out. I think this one sounds really modern and, in my opinion, this is their biggest track to date, I wouldn't be surprised if this one became the most successful. I enjoyed the contrast of the big chorus vs the calmer and more lyrically focused verses and I think 'Faded Visions' is really cleverly put together. I would definitely recommend giving this song a listen along with others that NTT have released.

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