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Rockin Engine - Room 185

Rockin Engine sharpen their axes with 'Room 185' which features Insurrection vocalist Stef Jomphe.


Rockin Engine give fans another glimpse into their horror themed universe with 'Room 185' ahead of their EP release in July. Ottawa, Canada based Rockin Engine have been delivering horror themed singles ahead of the full horror masterpiece 'Altered By Evil'. As horror fanatics it's not wonder that Rockin Engine would choose to create an EP with this theme and while doing so they are making it completely their own, which is no easy feat as many artists have used the horror genre as inspiration before. Most recent release from the group is 'The Shining' themed 'Room 185' which features Stef Jomphe from Insurrection.

"Jack Torrence, the character played by Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, has to be my favourite horror movie character of all time. That performance is what made me addicted to horror movies. I wanted to write a song about this movie as an homage to this masterpiece. When we started to work together on this song, we soon realized that this would be our heaviest composition to date, and we needed someone to help us express this emotion in order to be satisfied with our work. After doing some research, we approached Insurrections lead vocalist Stef Jomphe in an attempt to have his voice on the track, just to make it that much better! We were absolutely honoured and excited when he accepted the project and headed straight to the studio. This song hits you in a way that you have no choice but to headbang!" - (Steve O Leff, Vocalist)

If Gojira, Lamb of God and Rob Zombie had a baby then Rockin Engine would be their bastard son. These guys are heavy and will have you headbanging along to their new nightmarish tracks. Be sure to check this one out and pre order the 'Altered By Evil' EP.

Check out 'Room 185' HERE

Pre order 'Altered By Evil' HERE

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