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How We End - My Fighting Heart

Ex-Evanescence / Amaranthe / Nervosa members join forces for new band How We End.


This isn't a 'project' or 'supergroup', it's a new band made up of friends combining their experience and showing off their passion for heavy music. How We Ends first video/single 'My Fighting Heart' dropped yesterday (March 30th) and the six friends from Sweden, Spain, Germany and Switzerland are coming at you with a massive sound comprised of different styles, including crossover metal death growls combined with catchy clean hooks and heavy headbanger guitar riffs. How We End features Jen Majura (Ex-Evanescence) on guitar, Diva Satanica (Ex-Nervosa) on vocals, Jake E (Cyhra, Ex-Amaranthe) also on vocals then Tom Naumann (Primal Fear) on guitar, Mitch Kunz on bass and Adde Larsson on drums.

How We End are already booking shows and can be seen performing live for the first time at this years 30th anniversary Rockharz Festival. The group are also looking forward to finishing their debut album and releasing their first three singles.

'My Fighting Heart' (official video)

How We End online

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