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Coe Hill - Broken Steps

Coe Hill have released their new single 'Broken Steps' which features Austin McAuley from LIMBS.


On Friday the 19th of May, Canadian post-hardcore/alternative rock group Coe Hill released their emotionally driven new single 'Broken Steps' which features LIMBS vocalist Austin McAuley. The track that was released via Blackgate Records focuses on themes of loss and the fear of loneliness and isolation that follows. Coe Hill is a collaborative music project from Toronto, Canada, Together Doug Heiser and producer Kyle Merchant (Silverstein, Like Pacific, Rarity and more) created a project that sees a guest vocalist on every track. With Heisers songwriting and Merchant in the production chair these two have made some excellent post-hardcore, alternative rock, emo tracks featuring some great vocalists.

'Broken Steps' (Official Music Video)

Listen to 'Broken Steps' HERE

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