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Noutaja - Deicidal Tendencies

Noutaja's new single 'Deicidal Tendencies' from their upcoming EP 'Never Meant to Save Us' is out now!!


Noutaja are a New Finnish metal band and they have just released their second single from upcoming debut EP that will be out in Autumn of 2021. Noutaja is the Finnish word for Grim Reaper and that title feels like it suits the band really nicely. The members of Noutaja may not be new to the music scene as they have all worked on previous projects in the past but Noutaja brings an essence of new things while also holding an element of nostalgia. Noutaja are big lovers of 90's death metal and this is clear within their sound. The band members may not be the youngest in the industry but they are passionate and hungry to make music!

"Deicidal Tendencies was the last song we wrote together for our upcoming debut release (Never Meant to Save Us 20.8.2021). The song came together really quickly once our bassist Pekka Johansson showed us a killer opening riff that we instantly went into collective windmill mosh mode. Even though the title is tongue in cheek wordplay of two bands that are influential to us the topic of the song is pretty serious. I grew up in the Middle East in a very religiously charged situation and got to see how crazy and dangerous things can get when some one believes that they are more right than everybody else and justify atrocities with faith. Experiencing war is a great way to turn a young man in to a sceptic." - (Masi Hukari, Guitar/Vocal; on the background of the song)

Noutaja are

Masi Hukari: Vocals & Guitar Jonne Lindqvist: Guitar Pekka Johansson: Bass Juhana Karisson: Drums

Listen to 'Deicidal Tendencies'

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Photo by Matias Haataja

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