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Kaamos Warriors - In Blood And Spirit

Melancholic dark metal band Kaamos Warriors have released a new single 'In Blood And Spirit'.


Cover Art by Kaamos Warriors

New single from Kaamos Warriors 'In Blood And Spirit' is another dark track which also features guest vocals from friend of the band Mikael Heikkila.

"Our new single 'In Blood And Spirit' deepens the confluence of art and philosophy with our lyrics and music. The new single also features the voice of our friend Mikael Heikkila." - (Mikko Ojala, vocalist, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist)

Band Line Up

Mikko Ojala: Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards Jani Moilanen: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Solo Guitar Jyri Moilanen: Bass

Listen to 'In Blood And Spirit'

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