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Mortyfear - My Dystopia

Album Name: My Dystopia

Artist: Mortyfear Janne Keskitalo: Vocals Riku Metsa - Ketela: Guitar & Keys Jorma Muhonen: Guitar Tapio Loutila: Bass Ville Kivimaki: Drums

Released: July 2021

Label: Inverse Records

Rating: 6/10


Cover Painting by Runi Arling Cover Art by Tuomas Rytkonen


  1. Circus Called Life

  2. Jester's Downfall

  3. Black Noise

  4. Plastic World

  5. Spoiled

  6. Misfortunate Phoenix

  7. Delete

  8. Dark Waters

Mortyfear's album 'My Dystopia' takes the listener on a journey into their fictional horror filled, nightmare inducing, dystopian world. This album may be based on fiction but a lot of the lyrics fit into the world we live in today. Mortyfear remind us that real life may be just as messed up as fiction. Mortyfear were founded back in the late 90's in Ostrobothnia, Finland. The band released one album and a handful of EP's. Then a few years ago after some time away Mortyfear got back together and began working on their second studio album 'My Dystopia'. During the creation of this new album the band leaned even more into a chaotic and haunting sound. Mortyfear are pretty unique, their music creates a cinematic like experience while being mixed with heaviness and hooky melodies. Each song on 'My Dystopia' feels like a haunting, scary story round the campfire type tale. From the first song you feel like you have entered some kind of nightmare world. 'Circus Called Life' contains warped circus music that reminded me of a terrifying cartoon. Then with the second track 'Jester's Downfall' we are thrown into the heavy music and from there the album begins to feel less childish and like you really should be paying attention to the story being told. My favourite track on 'My Dystopia' has to be first single 'Delete'. It has some of the scary horror elements mixed in the background but for the most part this is just a really catchy song, not only that but a song with some really interesting lyrics that had me a questioning a few things. It's definitely a piece you have to listen to and experience for yourself. 'My Dystopia' was recorded and mixed by Riku Metsa - Ketela at Finnvox Studios/Rmksound. And mastered by Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Amorphis, Apocalyptica, etc.) at Chartmakers. This was a very interesing album. At the beginning 'My Dystopia' definitely caught my attention but I can't lie it didn't hold it. There are a lot of moments which I enjoyed but overall I think the songs all sounded kinda the same. However I will exclude second single 'Plastic World' from that statement as this song was slower and felt more lyrically focussed than the others. Musically Mortyfear seem like really good musicians, I especially liked the vocals throughout all the songs. Just personally this album felt like it was missing something for me.

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