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Austin Mulka - Happy Ending

Detroit alt-rock artist Austin Mulka explores the concept of manifesting one's own 'Happy Ending' in new single.


Austin Mulka fuses styles and influences in new explorative single 'Happy Ending'. Austin Mulka is an artist who likes to play around with different genres and is great at it. Hopping from pop to rock then electronic to folk they made every release a unique listen. Lyrically Austin Mulkas songs are introspective giving a unique perspective on their journey while delving into themes of existential dread, love, loss, and self-discovery. It's no wonder that their emotive lyricism attracts audiences. With new single 'Happy Ending' Mulka delves into the human mind addressing internal struggles and aspirations. You can hear an essence of Foo Fighters or Nirvana with the classic grunge and rock sound. This track gives a nod to the past while also driving into the future. 'Happy Ending' comes out ahead of Austin Mulka's forthcoming album 'Reveries and Requiem'. Mulka has been working on this album with producer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Dalbis, while Phillip Campbell and Peter Mulka have also been involved in the album's creation. 'Reveries and Requim' is deeply inspired by the post-grunge and post-Nirvana era which I'm thinking will let us hear more of the sound we've got with 'Happy Ending'.

Austin has also confirmed that there will be a music video to go along with 'Happy Ending', so while we wait for that why not give this one a listen.

Listen to 'Happy Ending'

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