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Nemecic - Dodecahedron Avenue

Finnish melodic death metal band Nemecic have released new single 'Dodecahedron Avenue' which comes with their first ever music video.


'Dodecahedron Avenue' is the third single to be released from Nemecic's upcoming album 'The Last Magic in Practice'. The second album from the band is set to be released on the 29th of October.

I have listened to a few things from Nemecic before and I have to say that 'Dodecahedron Avenue' stands out to me as a particularly strong song from them. The whole thing feels aggressive but in the way you'd expect from a great death metal song. 'Dodecahedron Avenue' is fast, punchy and contains everything that makes Nemecic, Nemecic.

"'Dodecahedron Avenue' is one of the fiercest tracks off the album and was chosen as the video song due to its crushing chorus and fast tempo. The song will certainly remain on our live setlist for a long time. Lyric-wise the song follows the albums theme of creativity. 'Dodecahedron Avenue' is about finding your own path as an artist, and our trademark elements of mythology, Western occultism and magic are present as usual." (Nemecic)

The video for 'Dodecahedron Avenue' was directed by Jaakko Manninen. Nemecic have an album release show for 'The Last Magic in Practice' on the 30th of October at Lutakko, Jyvaskyla, FI with Wolfheart & Atlas.

Band Line Up

Aki Salonen: Vocals Pasi Rajakillio: Guitar Tuomo Salonen: Guitar, Vocals Emil Borg: Bass Niko Anttila: Drums

Watch the video for 'Dodecahedron Avenue'

Listen to 'Dodecahedron Avenue'

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Picture by Jaakko Manninen

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