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Nemecic - Dream Machine

Nemecic have released a new single 'Dream Machine' which is about a psychedelic device.


Nemecic's second single from their upcoming album is a song with an interesting theme and stunning guitar riffs. 'Dream Machine' talks about the Dreamachine which was a device designed by artist Brion Gysin and mathematician Ian Sommerville. The apparatus was dubbed as "the first piece of art meant to be viewed with your eyes closed". The machine was experimented with artists such as; Kurt Cobain, Iggy Pop and Marianne Faithfull.

"This is probably one of our favourites on the album. Short and to the point with a "Wherever I May Roam" type of mood in the verses. The main guitar lead was written pretty much on the fly in the studio during producer guru Juho Raiha's lunch break. We always seem to do things the hard way!" (Nemecic)

Band Line Up

Aki Salonen: Vocals Pasi Rajakallio: Guitar Tuomo Salonen: Guitar, Vocals Emil Borg: Bass Niko Anttila: Drums

Watch the lyric video created by Anssi Korhonen

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Photo by Aki Suomela

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