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Myriad - We'll Be Okay

On the 21st of April Myriad released their infectious and energetic track 'We'll Be Okay', which features Callum Litchfield of Bears In Trees.


Myriad have released their collaborative single with Callum Litchfield of Bears in Trees. 'We'll Be Okay' is the second installment from the groups upcoming EP. 'We'll Be Okay' follows on from Myriads first single off of the EP 'Midnight Messages' (which has received over 15,000 streams on Spotify) and they have also just completed their first UK tour. The new single is an upbeat, indie pop-punk anthem, which has honest lyrics and a catchy hook.

"'We'll Be Okay' is a song for those who lie in bed wondering if that thing they did earlier in front of their friends was weird, so distract themselves by playing Minecraft till 2 in the morning. It's for that person who oversleeps all the time, and only likes socialising sometimes, because life can get a bit much. It's for the person who thinks that they don't fit in when actually lots of people out there feel the same, and sometimes, those other weird people you meet are the ones who become your best friends." - (David, Lead Vocalist)

'We'll Be Okay' is a vibrant track that just throws positive energy at you. It's easily the most pop-punk sounding track I have heard from Myriad, especially in the chorus. I don't think this is vocally or technically the strongest song these guys have put out but honestly that makes it better. 'We'll Be Okay' has the feeling of being with your friends and just messing around and having a laugh, it doesn't need to be serious, and it is impossible not to smile while the catchy lyrics play.

Listen to 'We'll Be Okay' HERE

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