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Forth - 1993

Forth makes an emotional return to the past with their new single '1993'


Forth's third and final single from upcoming album sees the rock band take a personal and emotional trip to the past that is full of reflection. Formed in 2010 Forth are a hard rock and grunge band with melodic sensibilites. Their first album 'Road Stories' debuted in 2014 and gained them success with the first single 'Up Up Away' going to number 2 on the Finnish ITunes rock charts. Then second single 'Fairytale Princess' spent a month in the top 5 of the YLE Toppen Charts. Forth then signed to Secret Entertainment and put out their sophomore album 'Captivity' in March of 2019. This album won them accolades from critics of the genre all over the world. Three of the tracks from 'Captivity' went straight to the top of indie charts in Finland, US, Spain, Canada and 'Higher Ground' reached number 1 on the UK Radio Indie Alliance. '1993' lyrically reflects on feelings of loss after the passing of many great influential artists from the 90's, such as; Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Chester Bennington and so many more. The story of the song and accompanying video shows a hopeful passing of the musical torch between generations. Frontman Brian Forth remembers his first guitar which was given to him by his first love when he was a young teenager. Awakened musically by the raw and emotional power of Seattle rock he learned to play along on his old six string. Decades later he finds the guitar packed away and coated in dust then he gives it to his son passing on the magic of music.

Watch the video for '1993'

Forth's third album is said to be coming out in September of this year.

Band Line Up

Brain Forth - Vocals Tim Norrgrann - Guitar Mikael Soderback - Bass Kari Storckovius - Drums

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Photo by Lisa Ketonen

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