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Mondegreen - The Fires Are Alight

Oxford based Mondegreen take their own modern approach to 90's inspired nu-metal with their single 'The Fires Are Alight'.


Mondegreen continue on their nu-metal adventure with their second single 'The Fires Are Alight'. Oxford based nu-metal outfit Mondegreen are a bunch of 90's kids creating music inspired from greats of that era, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Deftones etc. The group throw a modern spin on their sound and include a little bit of a creepy vibe. Every member of Mondegreen brings their own experience and personality to the table creating a sound that is purely Mondegreen. Second single 'The Fires Are Alight' from the five-piece focuses on the struggle of trying to see clearly when everything seems grey, and acts as encouragement to fight against the darkness that feeds on us. The 90's leaning nu-metal track has plenty of modern elements within, the guitars lend a strong base for the track while also giving a little bit of a Korn sounding twang over the top. The vocals are where the creepy vibes come from, the soft drawn out lyrics giving a little bit of a goth tone to the track. For most of this song I was waiting for something to happen and then the breakdown hit and I had found it, this bit feels particularly modern and the heavier moment is really suited to the style of this band. I think Mondegreen are an interesting group to keep an ear out for, they're doing something slightly different with the nu-metal genre while also not steering too far away making 'The Fires Are Alight' an easy one to enjoy.

Listen to 'The Fires Are Alight' HERE

Mondegreen are

Mate Kolics: Vocals Mate Tarr: Guitar Jose Hernandez: Guitar Jordan Drew: Bass Dean Ward: Drums

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