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Mikey Ball and The Company - Through The Night

Album Name: Through The Night

Artist: Mikey Ball and The Company

Released: October 2022

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Burning All Night

  2. Misunderstood

  3. Unbroken

  4. The Morning

  5. King of the Lonely Throne

  6. Runnin'

  7. Stolen the Show

  8. Out Here Alone

  9. One More Night

Four-piece rock band Mikey Ball and The Company's album 'Through the Night' is full of hooky choruses and has a nostalgic, feel-good vibe about it. Mikey Ball and The Company are a four-piece rock band from Dorset and the group have a sound that is designed for a live show. Led by singer/songwriter and lead guitarist Mikey Ball the band have opened tour dates for the likes of Wicked Smile and The LA Maybe. 2023 will also see Mikey Ball and The Company play at Call of The Wild Festival. 'Through The Night' was recorded back in January of 2022 by Ben Turner at Axe & Trap Studios in Somerset and saw its release in October also of last year. The first single 'The Morning' gained moderate radio success in North America and Germany while also charting briefly in Canberra, Australia. Opening song and second single 'Burning All Night' welcomes you into the album with a big hopeful anthem. The song has this dad rock sort of sound to it, much like the rest of the album but it's impossible not to enjoy and want to dance along with. Second track 'Misunderstood' keeps up the high energy if not taking it even higher. My personal favourite on 'Through The Night' is the third song 'Unbroken'. I love the way it takes the momentum down a little bit and the vocals really suit this more acoustic ish style. 'Unbroken' to me has this nostalgic element of listening to artists such as Def Leppard or Bryan Adams growing up. It feels hopeful with a dose of emotion. This song is exciting to me and I really love the vocals in it. Tracks on the album such as 'The Morning' and 'Stolen the Show' I think feel more modern than the rest and as much as they're both catchy especially 'The Morning' I didn't like these ones as much as I did the more classic rock sounding tracks within the album. These two do still have that classic rock n roll element but melodically I think they lean more towards a modern sound. Another favourite of mine and probably the last song I'm going to talk about is 'Runnin''. This one stands out as something different. The song is bluesy and bouncy and really has this nwocr vibe about it. It's grittier than others on 'Through The Night' a little bit dirtier and is all round a lot of fun. It's anthemic energy makes it easy to imagine this song belonging on a stage. Overall 'Through The Night' is feel-good classic rock with a modern twist. This is an album I will be listening to again and highly recommend checking out. I can understand how Mikey Ball and The Company are a band built for their live show without even seeing them. These songs were made for the stage, and I may not have loved every single one but the ones I did make the whole experience of 'Through The Night' worth it.

Listen to 'Through The Night' HERE

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