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Mike Adlam - They Worship The Screen

Essex based one man band Mike Adlam is releasing his debut single 'They Worship The Screen', a groovy yet angry bop on the 23rd of May.


This debut single from Mike Adlam has choruses that feel Rob Zombie esque but also sounds heavily classic rock based. I found the vocals on this track to be particularly interesting, they switch from this soft sound to a growly one. When I was listening I didn't expect this switch but was very pleasantly surpised by it. Mike Adlam is described as being either angry and loud or slow and melancholic, checking out his Instagram page I could definitely agree with this. 'They Worship The Screen' I would say fits very nicely into the angry and loud category yet instead of screaming in your face angry it's more like a calm anger that you're waiting to explode. I really enjoyed this track I almost find it hard to believe that this is a debut single, it feels established and like Mike Adlam knows exactly who he is and what sound he wants to make. I would recommend this to any indie rock fans, classic rock fans, really anyone who enjoys some great rock music, I guarantee you will be bopping along with this one!

You can pre save 'They Worship The Screen' here

Follow Mike Adlam on social media at the following links:

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