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Matt C. White - Creepshow Peepshow Act II

EP Name: Creepshow Peepshow Act II

Artist: Matt C. White

Released: October 2021

Label: Locust Records

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Mr. Bloody Bones

  2. Colt Killer

  3. Cortizone Cream

  4. Spitting Venom

  5. Revenge

Brooklyn based fuzz rocker Matt C. White's new EP 'Creepshow Peepshow Act II' shows a mix of grunge, blues and even treats listeners to some acoustic based tracks that are reminiscent of previous album 'Wallow In the Hollow'. Growing up in North Carolina Matt C. White recieved his first guitar at age ten and became dedicated to mastering swampy bluesy riffs before developing a love for alt and prog rock. In 2011 he moved to NYC where he would perform at open mic's before playing in mulitple bands. 'Creepshow Peepshow Act II' opens with the already familiar 'Mr. Bloody Bones' before jumping into the powerful 'Colt Killer' a track which much like the rest of the EP has a really cool riff and in a way the style reminds me of music like Rob Zombie. My favourite part of this track though has to be the outro as it basically chants the words 'Colt Killer'. As promised there are some more acoustic type songs withing the EP such as; 'Cortizone Cream' (my personal favourite) which starts out being pretty chill but then really throws you into something awesome at about the three minute mark. The most acoustic filled song I would say though is 'Revenge'. This one feels like a story round the campfire and is a really nice way to end the EP. The only song I haven't mentioned is 'Spitting Venom' but honestly I don't have much to say on it. It's a song with a really cool riff much like previous songs mentioned and I feel like it may be the heaviest one on the EP but it doesn't particularly stand out to me. It fits in nicely in the body of work however and creates a nice transition from 'Cortizone Cream' to closer 'Revenge'. Overall, I would recommend giving this EP a listen. I would say especially for grunge lovers I think this would be really enjoyable as I really got a grunge heavy vibe from it. All five tracks are good and I think that they do all have moments that really made me say "wow this is cool", especially after the three minute mark in 'Cortizone Cream', even if you don't listen to the whole of 'Creepshow Peepshow Act II' I would highly recommend at least giving that song a listen. However if you have the time check out the EP as a whole I think it is best experienced that way.

Check out 'Creepshow Peepshow Act II' and some of Matt C. White's other work HERE

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