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Limehouse - Just Like That

'Just Like That' by Limehouse is a smooth pop/indie song and it feels like a story of failed yet beautiful romance.


Limehouse are a band that was formed in Stockholm in 2020, the project was formed by original three members; Erik Thorell, David Rapp and Alec Baud. Limehouse were quick to release their first EP 'Floralia' in September of 2020. That EP had more of an indie rock sound to it than their most recent single 'Just Like That'. With this new song and previous singles 'Don't Remind Me' and 'Nobody Like You' the five piece appear to be experimenting with more of a pop and soul type sound. 'Just Like That' to me has this very romantic feeling, I could almost picture a couple out for dinner in some fancy restuarant but it also has tones that this story may not be perfect and that a lot of the time things in life aren't perfect. I do like how this song really seems like one that people will take thier own meaning from and be able to create their own stories in their head while listening to it. The soul like groovy and chilled out rhythm makes this song very easy to listen to while getting lost in it. It all around just works together and as much as I prefer the sound of Limehouse in 'Floralia' this does seem like a direction that will work for them. Limehouse are also preparing for shows that they are playing in Summer and working on some new and exciting things!

Check out 'Just Like That' HERE

Band Line Up

David Rapp: Vocals Alex Baud: Lead Guitar Erik Thorell: Keyboard & Guitar Fernando Hermida: Bass Kristoffer Forslund: Drums

Limehouse on social media

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