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Lilith Czar - Created From Filth And Dust

Album Name: Created From Filth And Dust

Artist: Lilith Czar

Released: April 2021

Label: Sumerian Records

Rating: 9/10



  1. Intro Poem

  2. Feed My Chaos

  3. King

  4. Anarchy

  5. 100 Little Deaths

  6. Lola

  7. Edge of Seventeen

  8. Bad Love

  9. In My Head

  10. Unholy

  11. Burn With Me

  12. Diamonds to Dust

Created From Filth And Dust tells an old story of the woman that should have been percieved as Adam's equal. This album is empowering, strong and sees Juliet Simms killed off as she finds herself in becoming Lilith Czar. The album opens with this kind of creepy distorted poem that is 'Intro Poem'. This intro feels intense and I found myself excited to hear the rest of the album from this moment and I was definitely not disappointed as the second track 'Feed My Chaos' jumped in. 'Feed My Chaos' is such a strong song and sets the tone for the rest of 'Created From Filth And Dust'. The first single from Lilith Czar was 'King' which was released at the beginning of 2021. This song tells the story of how if Adam (Adam and Eve) is seen as a King then Lilith Czar should be too. The two parties were both created from the same filth and dust so therefore why aren't they equal. The inequality between men and woman is still apparent in 2021 and 'King' made such a statement on this with lyrics like "If it's a mans world, I wanna be king. If it's a mans world, don't wanna be queen".

"Lilith Czar, for me, is a story of the first woman to ever have been on Earth. She predates Eve, but she was born and made from the same dirt, filth, dust, ground and earth that Adam was, and because of that, she felt she was his equal." - (Lilith Czar)

This in my opinion is a stand out album, not only does it have a really strong message to it but the tracks are all catchy and I really enjoyed listening to it the whole way through. For me there isn't a single song on there I don't like. There's slow meaningful songs such as 'Lola' and 'Diamonds to Dust', powerful catchy rock songs such as 'Anarchy' and 'In My Head'. A Stevie Nicks cover and a couple of songs from the former alias of this artist Juliet Simms, 'Bad Love' and '100 Little Deaths'. For me this album has everything I could want from an album. Lilith Czar's vocals are so powerful and unique, something about this album makes her seem stronger and it really does feel like she has found her sound, found herself. If you get a chance I would 100% recommend checking out this album, it really is something special.

Listen to 'Created From Filth And Dust' here

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