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Lilith Czar - Lola

Lilith Czar formerly known as Juliet Simms has released new song for this project 'Lola'. The beautiful and dark story told in the song is accompanied by a stunning video that features moments from Paradise City.


Lilith Czar's new video and song 'Lola' is something truly beautiful. On first listen I thought it was a pretty good slow ballad rock song but then when I listened to it again and really made an effort to hear the lyrics I realised it was so much more. 'Lola' is a dark story but also a story of someone who made it out of their struggles alive so in that sense the song could be taken as a hopeful message to some. The video is aesthetically really nice to watch. Most of it sees Lilith Czar surrounded by various different props as if she is sitting in different rooms. There isn't really too much going on in these scenes which lets you focus you're attention on the character. Spliced within this video there is also moments from Paradise City, focusing on Juliet Simms character Sheva.

"I wrote this song and MV treatment to help tell the story about the night I asked myself to save my own life. To come take me home. I never knew quite how to tell this story until I found Lola. I think this is why I am so connected to the character Sheva on Paradise City. I wasn't just playing a role - I was re-living it..." (Lilith Czar)

Lilith Czar's new album 'Created from Filth and Dust' will be released on the 23rd of April 2021.

You can pre order 'Created from Filth and Dust' here

You can watch the full video for 'Lola' on Sumerian Records Youtube here

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