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Kenny Hada & The Others - Love Deluge

Album Name: Love Deluge

Artist: Kenny Hada & The Others Kenny Hada: Vocals/Guitar Micaiah Navarrete: Bass Brandon Custer: Drums

Released: March 2022

Label: Independant

Rating: 6.5/10



  1. Tip The Boat

  2. Hair Trigger

  3. Hollow Swallow

  4. Epiphany

  5. Marie

  6. Collapse

  7. Moonwalk

  8. Love in a Storm

  9. Never Say Never

Austin Texas based band Kenny Hada & The Others have recently released their full length album 'Love Deluge'. The piece came out on the 18th of March and the emotionally charged tracks combine the feelings of turbulent emotions that many people faced during quarantine and the feelings that frontman Kenny Hada had while welcoming his first child into the world. 'Love Deluge' however has one common theme throughout, a feeling that conects us all... love. Formed in 2020 vocalist Kenny Hada began drawing on inspiration from the ongoing pandemic to fuel his creativity, the group formed songs that center around varying emotions. Together Kenny Hada & The Others created their sound which sits somewhere between alternative rock and blues. When listening to 'Love Deluge' the first thing I noticed is how smooth and groovy the songs within feel. I could definitely get the blues vibe coming through but in some tracks such as 'Epiphany' I would say that it feels more on the alternative rock side and this makes for an album that sounds pretty different to anything I have heard before. The first song 'Tip The Boat' feels like this grungy, sleazy rock song and really peaked my interest for the rest of the album. Two songs from 'Love Deluge' I really want to talk about are most recent single 'Hair Trigger' and third single from the album 'Moonwalk'. These two tracks for me are the strongest within the nine track piece. Both of them feel fun and upbeat, especially 'Moonwalk' which has this feelgood groove throughout. 'Moonwalk' is also very catchy and is one of those songs that it is impossible not to dance along with. 'Hair Trigger' starts out being really fun and as it goes on it just gets more and more enjoyable to listen to. I would say that these two and specifically 'Moonwalk' will be making appearances on my playlists for when I need a bit of a feelgood pick me up. Overall, 'Love Deluge' is a really cool album. Personally for me though I don't know how often I would listen to the full thing but there are definitely songs on there that get a spot on my daily playlists. Songs like 'Epiphany' and 'Never Say Never' however I wasn't as into as they just for me felt like they weren't really going anywhere and when you compare them to the likes of 'Hair Trigger' or 'Moonwallk' there is a clear difference. I would say to check Kenny Hada & The Others out though because as I say I have found a couple of songs that I really enjoyed from them.

Listen to 'Love Deluge' HERE

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