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Alase - Ajan Kysymys

Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase have released a beautiful new single and music video 'Ajan Kysymys'.


Cover art by Sakke Paavola

Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase have released their new single 'Ajan Kysymys', this will be the last song before changing to English for lyrics. There is also a music video to accompany the song which was created by Vesa Ranta's Kaira Films. Alase combine melancholy, modern atmospheric soundscapes, progressiveness and heavy riffs to create their sound. In ways they have similarities to bands such as Katatonia, Vola, The Ocean, Textures and Pain of Salvation. One thing that makes Alase stand out is that they don't have a vocalist instead they work with various guests. 'Ajan Kysymys' features Jahu Tretjakov who has worked on two tracks previously with the three piece.

"Working with Jahu is fun and it involves creativity which clearly enhances the song through the vocal arrangements." - (Janne Lunnas, Guitar)

'Ajan Kysymys' was also recorded with session drummer Ville Aatsinki.

"Before the studio, Ville and I worked on the drum arrangements remotely and it went really smoothly. After less than two weeks, we went to studio in Tampere, and Ville nailed the song with just a few takes." - (Janne Lunnas, Guitar)

I personally really liked 'Ajan Kysymys' despite it not being a style of music that I would normally listen to. I thought that it had this really nice blend of modern metal and atmospheric moments. The addition of Jahu Tretjakov's vocals I think really take the song up a level and turn it into something that I could happily surround myself with. I now have to go check out Alase's previous songs as this one has got me interested. Alase are planning to start recording their next single soon and they have one called 'Unburden' that is going to be released in fall.

Band Line Up

Janne Lunnas: Guitar Mikko Hakala: Guitar Ari Miettinen: Bass

Watch the video for 'Ajan Kysymys' on Alase's Youtube HERE

Listen to 'Ajan Kysymys' at any of the following sites

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Picture by Sakke Paavola

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