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Denigrate - Perfida

Finnish melancholic metal band Denigrate have released new material - As the fiction of treacherousness leads to real tragedy


Finnish melancholic metal band Denigrate have released their first single from their upcoming third album. The song 'Perfida' is dark and melancholic keeping true to the bands style. I personally really enjoyed this one and within that dark story and music there is some really pretty guitar moments to listen out for. Founded in 1996 in Tuusula, Finland Denigrate knew right from the beginning the kind of band they wanted to be. Focussing their writing style on the dark parts of human nature and keeping to a melancholic sound they began playing gigs before creating their first demo in 1998. In 2000 Denigrate then released their second demo which gained them a record deal with Warner Music Finland. The bands debut album 'Dismal Euphoria' came out in 2003 along with two singles 'Guardian of the Bitter sea' and 'Everything Counts'. Then in Autumn of 2015 they self produced and recorded their second album 'Hollowpoint' which took a darker, more agrressive and complex route to their previous releases. Now we are in the timeline of Denigrate's third album, the instruments for which have been recorded since 2018 but they didn't have the vocals until more recently. Ex vocalist Micko was taking time to focus on other bands which meant that Denigrate were forced to find someone new to take on the role, this job fell to Galzi Kallio (Dead Shape Figure). Kallio joined the band with a fresh new energy and a motivated attitude allowing them to finally finish recording their third album.

"The song is a story about a person who calls one's partner Perfida, as a reminder of treacherousness. The idea of treacherousness is only a fiction but it leads to a real, definitive tragedy with no return." - (Galzi Kallio, Vocalist)

'Perfida' is a really beautiful track and if the other songs that are to come from Denigrate's third album are similar then I can tell you now that it will be an album that I will be happy to sit and listen to on a gloomy day. The main thing I've taken from 'Perfida' is just how beautiful the guitars are, the kind of song you just want to step inside. Denigrate's third album will be released in the second half of 2021 along with two singles.

Band Line Up

Galzi Kallio: Vocals Seppo Nummela: Guitar Pekka Pyrhonen: Bass Tipi Toivanen: Drums

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