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Jessie Paege - History Will Not Repeat

Jessie Paege releases powerful new track 'History Will Not Repeat' which explores growing up with childhood trauma.


Jessie Paege's new track 'History Will Not Repeat' is a strong song focussing on childhood trauma. The song lyrically holds a very powerful message and one that kids could find comfort in. Instrumentally from when this song first began I knew it was going to be something really powerful. You can almost feel the anger and emotions in the beginning guitar riff. The song in some ways feels painful but largely it feels angry or like it has something to say. This song demands to be heard and with such an important message I think that this makes for a really great piece.

"this song is about experiencing childhood trauma because of a dysfunctional family and then realizing your trauma is there because of people you are related to and fearing you're going to be like them..." - (Jessie Paege, Twitter)

Jessie Paege is taking their place in the music scene after succesfully gaining a fan base from thier Youtube channel. 'History Will Not Repeat' is the musicians ninth single since 2019 and each track they've put out in my opinion has been stronger than the last. You can really see them growing as an artist and I am always excited to see what will come next.

You can listen to 'History Will Not Repeat' here

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