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Jack Adamant - Stuck & Paralysed

Jack Adamant has released a new single 'Stuck & Paralysed' which comes alongside a cover of The Cure's 'Friday I'm In Love'.


Jack Adamant has released two new songs as part of his 'Stuck & Paralysed' single. Jack Adamants solo project has a sort of modern alt rock sound blended up with some punk. It's new with a healthy amount of a time before. 'Stuck & Paralysed' is a vibrant upbeat track paired with almost gloomy, sleepy sounding vocals. It fits Adamants punk driven alt rock sound perfectly with a sort of classic feeling. The motto of 'Stuck & Paralysed' is "to lose oneself is the only way to find oneself again", the song talks of a main character that wants to break away from today's norms and disconnect from the digital world so that they can fully experience life. Jack Adamants cover of 'Friday I'm In Love' originally by The Cure may have been created a while ago but it is the perfect companion to 'Stuck & Paralysed'. The lyrics talk of the desire to leave the everyday routine which is very fitting to the theme of the single. The cover itself throws a modern splash into the song but still remains similar to the original version from The Cure. As Jack Adamants style has this alt/punkish sound they are very suited to this song.

Listen to 'Stuck & Paralysed' HERE

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