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Hundred Headless Horsemen - No Longer Human

Hundred Headless Horsemen have released their third and last single 'No Longer Human' from their upcoming debut concept album 'Apokalepsia'.


Hundred Headless Horsemen's psychedelic new track 'No Longer Human' gives fans the last taste of what the album will be like before it's released in three weeks time (21st of May 2021). The song is dark and interesting, I got a chance to have a listen to it and it really got my attention. Not the kind of music I would normally listen to but a large part of me wants to go back and listen to it again. The psychedelic death metal band are from Helsinki, Finland and like to blend together sounds from the past and present to create their music. I could definitely hear that from 'No Longer Human'. 'No Longer Human' was recorded at Sir Nas Studios in Helsinki, Finland and was mastered by Magnus Lindberg Production in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can check out 'No Longer Human' at any of the following links:

You can keep up to date with Hundred Headless Horsemen at:

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