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Glitchers - GROW UP!

Glitchers have released another loud, grungy punk single 'GROW UP!', in their very own DIY style.


Today (17th May) Glitchers have released their brand new single 'GROW UP!'. Glitchers are a punk band that are known for bringing their noise to the streets and right outside sold out shows. The duo have gained attention from many notable artists including Bring Me The Horizon, Skindred, My Chemical Romance, Enter Shikari, Fever 333 and many more. The attention that the pair have gained even saw them personally invited by Frank Iero to bring their after party street gigs to the My Chemical Romance tour. Sound wise Glitchers have a DIY attitude, the new single 'GROW UP!' was recorded, mixed and mastered by the duo at home. With a love for emo and modern alt music, Glitchers take that sound and mash it together with elements of hardcore and grunge to create that loud ear grabbing sound that we have come to expect from them. 'GROW UP!' comes after the success of 'Your Mother Taught You Better' (ft. Calva Louise) which was written from Sophie's perspective and became the bands anti toxic masculinity anthem. 'GROW UP!' is written from Jake's perspective and how growing up they were disgusted by the way men are and refusing to become one of them. 'GROW UP!' has this drawn out sound to it that gives the feeling of being completely fed up. It's slow and grungy at the start before breaking into a more catchy guitar rhythm. I really like this and the message Glitchers wanted to put across is very clear. This track is almost like a huge eye roll with disgust at toxic masculinity. In true Glitchers fashion they throw this hard hitting and quite angry song at you while still delivering a rhythm with a bit of bounce that's something everyone can enjoy.

Listen to 'GROW UP!' HERE

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