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Glitchers - Ctrl Alt Del

EP Name: Ctrl Alt Del

Artist: Glitchers

Released: November 2022

Rating: 8/10



  1. Telescope

  2. Exodus 20:13

  3. Ctrl Alt Del (The Elite)

  4. Hallefuckinglujah

  5. I Want To Believe

  6. Eat The Rich

Glitchers are a band making noise and people are listening. Their new EP 'Ctrl Alt Del' demands attention, and I wouldn't expect anything else from this 2-piece. Glitchers began in 2020 when with nothing to do Jake taught Sophie how to play the drums. They then went on to make their first EP. Fast forward two years and they have now played over 200 gigs all over the country. Glitchers are standing out and gaining the attention of thousands, this is especially because of their unique After Party Street Gigs. It seems as though nothing can stop this two-piece not even security or police. Glitchers seem to thrive off of the danger that they could be arrested, and videos of these street gigs have gone viral as police attempt to shut them down. These guys do what they do and there's nothing anyone can do to stop that. 'Ctrl Alt Del' is as loud and full of aggression at the worlds injustices as you would expect. This punk outfit also in my opinion contain a lot of classic metal influence within their sound and this is especially apparent on the first track of 'Ctrl Alt Del'. Opening track 'Telescope' and a personal favourite of mine opens with this large, stadium filling riff before the vocals come in and the song explodes. From this first track I knew that 'Ctrl Alt Del' was an EP I was going to enjoy. As 'Ctrl Alt Del' carries on it seems to get bigger and faster with each track. By the time third song 'Ctrl Alt Del (The Elite)' comes in the punk sound has grown into this mosh pit worthy chaos. The drums thunder through 'Ctrl Alt Del (The Elite)' accompanied by fast guitars and screaming vocals that command your attention. A breakdown moment reminds of the kind of metal breakdowns we saw in the 90's and I feel like Glitchers are combining that older sound with very modern music and modern issues. The EP carries on keeping my attention on what I am listening to. Then by the time I reached closing track 'Eat The Rich' I was ready for the absolute explosion of energy it delivers. As I mentioned earlier this EP gets faster with each track and this closer is very fitting to that. 'Eat The Rich' is angry, and rightly so. With an obvious storyline its aggression is understandable to anyone that isn't at the top of the food chain. This is a song most people can relate to and in my opinion this one is the perfect closer, allowing the listener that last burst of anger before it ends. Overall, 'Ctrl Alt Del' is easily one I will be listening to again and again. I feel with Glitchers modern attitude and their ability to do what they want no matter who stands in their way, these guys are going to be a band to watch out for and i am happy to see how they grow on their journey. 'Ctrl Alt Del' will have any listener wanting to scream and bang their heads along. This is something you're going to want to be a part of.

Listen to 'Ctrl Alt Del' and check out Glitchers HERE

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