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Gator Shakes - Well, Hell

Album Name: Well, Hell

Artist: Gator Shakes

Jake Morgan: Vocals Josh Bradley: Guitar Austin Moss: Guitar Chris Barbour: Bass Nick Kramer: Drums

Released: March 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 6/10



  1. East Coast Fear

  2. Piss Boat

  3. Coffin Hunters

  4. Seminary Sins

  5. The Judge, the Jury and the Antidepressant

The first word that comes to mind when listening to Gator Shakes EP 'Well, Hell' is loud. As a whole this EP doesn't take a second to breathe it is shouting, screaming loud rock n roll. All five tracks on 'Well, Hell' seem to follow the same formula and in total all feel very similar. Once you've heard one song you kind of know what to expect from the whole EP. However having said that I do have a song that stands out as my favourite and that would be second track 'Piss Boat'. In a lot of ways 'Piss Boat' felt kind of nostalgic to me and the screams from vocalist Jake Morgan are reminiscent of early days of many scene bands that I loved as a teenager. It's interesting though because having listened to the whole of 'Well, Hell' I wouldn't say that was the sound that Gator Shakes are going for, I would say they have overall more of a rock n roll type vibe to them but after hearing 'Piss Boat' in my head I couldn't get away from that scene sound. The titles of the songs on 'Well, Hell' are definitely interesting and show that this maybe isn't a band that take themselves too seriously, and looking through their social media I could see that there too. The band may have this loud style of music where it feels almost aggresive but there is also an injection of their apparent personalities put into the music and that gives it this fun edge. Overall this probably isn't an EP I would go out of my way to listen to but if it came on, on shuffle I wouldn't be complaining either. There's nothing in the music that I could particulary critique as bad as everything does seem to fit it's just that this maybe isn't my go to kind of music to listen to, having said that I'm sure sixteen year old me would have absolutely loved this.

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