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Surplus - Make Believe

Surplus bring it with their heavy new single 'Make Believe'.


Cover art by @apertuuri

New single 'Make Believe' from Surplus sees the band deliver a heavier sound and the track that is out now is also accompanied by a vertical lyric video. Surplus, based in Finland are a two-piece rock band founded in 2016. They released their first EP's in 2017 and 2018, then a debut album 'Hindsight' in 2020. The band scavenged shows where possible throughout the pandemic along with releasing their single 'Wannabe'. Grafting together the rough edges of grunge and neck-cramp grooves of proggy metal, with 'Make Believe' Surplus gathers up the last few scraps of human decency reassembles the shreds into a world beyond recognition, beyond facts. This song encapsulates that unnamed feeling in your belly, that nagging voice in the back of your skull you can't quite recognize. How do you escape a loop you built your whole world around?

'Make Believe' (Music Video)

Listen to 'Make Believe' HERE

Surplus online

Picture by Jaakko Jylha

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