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Fearout - Bleedthrough

Finnish metal band Fearout have released their debut album 'Bleedthrough' along with a music video.


Album cover by Markku Minkkinen & Minttu Minkkinen

Finnish Helsinki based Fearout have released their debut album 'Bleedthrough' along with fourth music video for track 'Bring Me Down'.

The band tells about the birth of 'Bleedthrough'

"After years of let's just have fun and see where it leads to, Fearout figured out that it would be great to taste some good old blood, sweat and tears. So, let the red-light anxiety of the recording the debut album begin. Back in autumn 2019, we had 25 or something songs ready that we had written and trained to perfection (yeah, right) and live-proofed ready-to-go. We booked two days studio time for the drum recordings, and we really didn't know how many songs we'd be able to record there, so we voted and had our songs in the order in which we'd start to record them. We started the recording in January 2020 in the studio with Ville Pystynen (Plutonium-74) working as a recording engineer. Two days later Topi had completed drums for twelve songs, and we felt that we had a good dozen for the debut album. So, we continued to record Minttu's bass tracks in our rehearsal space in the spring 2020, this time with Justus working as a recording engineer, and actually had them all recorded, but then there was this little thing called global pandemic which derailed the process a bit. After a couple months waiting, we figured that we could continue, but then Topi wanted to quantize the drums which turned out to be the right decision, the only problem being that none of us knew exactly how to do it. But that hasn't stopped us before, so after a couple of YouTube learning videos and backup files Topi and Justus started to put drum hits and misses to the grid. Once that was finished, obviously we learned, that bass tracks were unusable because we wanted the rhythm tracks to be tight, so we apologetically asked Minttu to come back to our rehearsal space and re-record all the bass tracks. Which she did and luckily so, because that little time off between the first set of recording had done good because she had come up with even better bass lines. Next stop: guitars, Justus and Arg agreed that they'd split guitar duties in this album for the practical reasons: Arg had moved from Helsinki to Kuopio and had his own little recording "studio" in his closet. Also, in this way both could better concentrate more on the songs they had written and knew the best what they wanted to hear. Slowly but surely during the autumn of 2020 the guitar parts started to materialize and then Justus started to focus on the vocals. Justus had a one-day vocal coaching session in December 2020 with his vocal coach Sara Strommer (Shereign) and in that session for example Point Blank Range finally after five years got it's vocal melodies set in stone. The target for the lead and backing vocal recordings was set to May day 2021 when the band would meet in the remote cabin in Mikkeli. Before that Justus and Minttu wrote and pre-recorded all vocals and backing vocals so the actual recording would go smoothly. In Mikkeli all vocals were recorded in 2-day session, and everything was ready for the mixing. Or so we thought. In Mikkeli the band also agreed (while drunk) that since Topi knew Haken drummer Ray Hearne he would ask if Ray would agree to provide us spoken vocals for 'What's in the Box' because we wanted to use native English speaker. To our surprise Ray said yes, so we sent him the text and raw mix of the song and waited for his delivery. Meanwhile we sent a one song, 'Point Blank Range', to our mixer candidate Sepi Nummela (Dead Shape Figure) and waited for the results. Sepi provided us his opinion: everything else was sounding great but he couldn't work with the guitar sound due to an error made with the mics in the recording. So back to the drawing board and to re-record all those tracks Justus had recorded. After a couple of hits and misses the sound was finally there. Sepi provided us the first mix and the band was very pleased with the end result. While we were still living with Covid situation we knew that the band couldn't participate physically to the mixing, so we provided precise instructions as possible beforehand to Sepi, then he'd mix a v1 and we'd comment what needed to be fixed. Within a month we had all our 12 songs mixed and ready for the mastering which was done by Joni Borodavkin (End Of You) who was recommended by Sepi. When everything was ready, Arg contacted Inverse Records and asked if they'd be interested to release the album and after Joni Kantoniemi from Inverse heard the record it was done deal. Oh yeah, and that name of the album? Well, like mentioned in the beginning we had twenty-five songs, one of which is called 'Bleedthrough'. Even though the song didn't make it to the debut album, Arg figured that it is cool name and describes that blood, sweat and tears band had to bleed during the whole process."

Band Line Up

Justus Latvala: Vocals Arg Kinnunen: Guitars, Backing Vocals Minttu Minkkinen: Bass, Backing Vocals Topi Lajunen: Drums, Backing Vocals

Watch the video for 'Bring Me Down'

Listen to 'Bleedthrough'

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Picture by Janne Mokkonen

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