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Evanescence - Better Without You

Vocalist Amy Lee battles a nightmare maze in new Evanescence video for 'Better Without You'.


Evanescence have put out a video for their latest single 'Better Without You'. The video sees lead singer Amy Lee fighting through elements in a nightmare like maze. As always with Evanescence this video and song are both extremely beautiful. The colour scheme in this video gives it this futuristic horror movie type feel to it which is really cool to watch. The song 'Better Without You' is taken from Evanescence's album 'The Bitter Truth' which was released last month (March 2021). Video Director: Eric D. Howell Producer: Jillian Nodland Director of Photography: Bo Hakala Production Designer: David Weiberg Art Director: Mark Wojahn Editor: Nate Maydole Production Company: Picture Factory Inc.

You can listen to 'The Bitter Truth' album here

You can watch the full video for 'Better Without You' on Evanescence's Youtube here

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