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Evanescence - The Bitter Truth

Album Name: The Bitter Truth Artist: Evanescence Amy Lee: Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Harp Troy McLawhorn: Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals Jen Majura: Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Theremin Tim McCord: Bass Will Hunt: Drums Released: March 2021 Label: Sony Music Entertainment Rating: 8/10



  1. Artifact/The Turn

  2. Broken Pieces Shine

  3. The Game Is Over

  4. Yeah Right

  5. Feeding the Dark

  6. Wasted On You

  7. Better Without You

  8. Use My Voice

  9. Take Cover

  10. Far From Heaven

  11. Part of Me

  12. Blind Belief

'The Bitter Truth' is Evanescence's first album since 2017's 'Synthesis' and they have returned with something epic and powerful that also has a nursery rhyme storytelling quality. The piece is Evanescence's fifth studio album and is the first album they have released which is entirely comprised of new content since 2011's self titled. 'The Bitter Truth' was originally supposed to be released at the end of 2020 but due to Covid-19 the release date had to be pushed back. Another hurdle the band faced due to Covid-19 was that they had originally planned to have multiple producers working on 'The Bitter Truth' but instead they could only have one 'Nick Raskulinecz' who also produced the self titled album from 2011. This new album to me is one of the strongest pieces of work I have ever seen from Evanescence. Every song in the album is big and epic enough to stand on it's own and that makes for a truly amazing listening experience. Listening through the album it feels like a story being told, like a nursery rhyme if you will. This is aided by the use of almost child's music box sounding effects used throughout a lot of the songs. 'The Bitter Truth' feels heavier than anything Evanescence have put out before. This is seen especially in songs such as 'Broken Pieces Shine' which is made up of heavy, amazing riffs and some really cool drums. This style is also seen within 'The Game Is Over' which was the second single released off of this album. Songs such as 'Part of Me' and 'Feeding the Dark' remind me of early days 'Fallen' Evanescence. Then there's songs such as 'Far From Heaven' which are slowed down and give you a chance to listen to the vocals and the story. As always Amy Lee's vocals are insane, in my opinion she really is one of the best vocalists we have in the industry at the moment. Especially in songs such as 'Far From Heaven' where I found myself tearing up slightly by the time the chorus came around just through the power of her voice. My personal favourite song on 'The Bitter Truth' is 'Take Cover', I was intrigued when it began as it sounded different to everything else I had heard so far. I was very quickly engrossed in the song. The vocal melody is so interesting to me and Amy Lee's vocals definitely sound different in this one but in a good way. This song really shows off a much heavier Evanescence than we are used to as it is complete with an insane breakdown and heavy guitar riffs and drums. Overall for me I absolutely loved this album. I think each song has stand alone quality and that makes the whole thing so exciting to listen too. 'The Bitter Truth' has welcomed a new sound from the band but also has nostalgic elements from the tracks we have heard before. I found it interesting that the five singles we had heard pre album release really didn't give away anything. So if you've heard any or all of them you still need to listen to this album as a whole to experience the new sound that Evanescence have found. If you haven't listened to anything at all surrounding this release I would also recommend giving this album a listen. I will certianly be listening to it again and again.

You can listen to 'The Bitter Truth' here

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