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Stitched Up Heart - To The Wolves

Album Name: To The Wolves

Artist: Stitched Up Heart

Released: September 2023

Label: Century Media Records

Rating: 9/10



  1. To The Wolves

  2. Thunder

  3. The Hunting

  4. Possess Me

  5. Immortal

  6. Taste For Blood

  7. Conquer and Divide

  8. Dead Inside

  9. The Architect

  10. The End

Los Angeles rockers Stitched Up Heart create their own dark gothic fairytale with upcoming album 'To The Wolves'. Known for their powerful and emotionally charged music Stitched Up Heart, who formed in 2010 have captured the attention of rock fans all over the world. The group from Los Angeles who have already toured with the likes of Godsmack, Halestorm and In This Moment have earned themselves a respectable reputation with their intense live performance and personal songwriting. With their debut album 'Never Alone' Stitched Up Heart debuted in the top 10 of both the Billboard Heatseeker and Hard Rock Charts. With new album 'To The Wolves', Stitched Up Heart are challenging boundaries while showing of a new evolved sound. The hard rock/alt metal band from Los Angeles are throwing themselves into a heavier more electronic metal sound with 'To The Wolves'. This will be the bands third full-length album with the Century Media family with their first album release 'Never Alone' being back in 2016. Opening the album is first single and title track 'To The Wolves'. This one features Craig Mabbitt and was produced by Kevin Thrasher from Escape The Fate. Interestingly Stitched Up Heart will be heading out to play support to Escape The Fate on a US tour beginning at the end of this month. As for the single 'To The Wolves' is a powerful opener giving the album this animalistic sort of energy. This one is modern hard rock with a heavy splash of metal and these hypnotic vocals that will get you hooked. Following on is 'Thunder', I have to say I absolutely love this one! It's hard hitting and powerful while also delivering this sort of melodic metal sound. 'Thunder' is easily one of the tracks on 'To The Wolves' that show off how much Stitched Up Heart have grown in their sound and delved more into a metal style. 'The Hunting' like every other song on 'To The Wolves' feels like it belongs in some dark gothic fairytale. Then next track 'Possess Me' gets even darker. This is another one I love. It's theatrical metal with heavy guitars, twisted vocals and just makes you feel like you are in this sort of haunted world. 'Possess Me' also has a nice little breakdown and some impressive growls. It's definitely one to be listening to. 'Immortal' I named as my favourite track of the week when it was previously released as a single, and it's a very impressive song, however, it's probably not my favourite on the album. I didn't know it could get any better than 'Immortal' but honestly, I think every song on 'To The Wolves' impresses me. Probably my number one song on 'To The Wolves' is 'Conquer and Divide', which comes at you hard. There's quite a lot for your ears to take in with the electronics but I thought it all molded together into a track that is addictive and leaves you wanting more. The chorus is big, and the riffs demand your attention. Overall, I really enjoyed Stitched Up Heart's 'To The Wolves'. They've created their own little dark gothic world with the ten tracks and for me not a single one disappointed. I have been listening to these guys since their original release back in 2016 so to see how their sound has grown and developed into something this big is really cool. I can't recommend checking these guys out enough! If you like artists like Motionless In White or In This Moment then Stitched Up Heart will be perfect to add to your heavy playlists. 'To The Wolves' will be released via Century Media Records on the 1st of September.

Stitched Up Heart are

Alecia 'Mixi' Demner: Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar Merritt Goodwin: Lead Guitar Randy Mathias: Bass, Backing Vocals James Decker: Drums, Backing Vocals

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