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Deltrem - Social Police

Finnish metal band Deltrem have released their first single 'Social Police'.


Deltrem are a groove metal band from Finland and their debut single 'Social Police' has just been released. The song is fun and captures the personalities of the guys within. The idea for Deltrem began when guitarist-composer Lauri Halonen began coming up with demos in 2019 for fun, then with long time teacher Mikko Salvaaro they improved upon these demos which led to Halonen realising that he wanted to turn this into something and create a band. First member to join Halonen was vocalist Tommi. The pair met at an after party after a hellishly drunken bar night for Halonen. The two came up with a couple of songs before deciding to find their next member; long time friend of Halonen's Nico. Nico fit the look that they were wanting to achieve with the band and he joined as the bassist. The latest member to the group is solo guitarist and former band mate of Halonen's, Martti. The four piece still don't have a drummer but they decided they wanted to start releasing music despite of that. 'Social Police' is a song that I thought felt fairly lighthearted and fun. There is some really nice groovy riffs and a chorus that makes you wanna dance along. Looking at the album cover you could imagine that this band maybe don't take themselves too seriously and that is the opinion I got from this song but don't get me wrong it is clear that they put the work into making great music.

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