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Crawlers - I Can't Drive

'Come Over (Again)' may have been the song that changed the lives of the UK four piece Crawlers but they are keeping up the momentum with powerful new track 'I Can't Drive'.


Crawlers have just released their emotional new song 'I Can't Drive' which was premiered on BBC Radio 1. The track is a powerful follow up to previous single 'Come Over (Again)' which has seen the four piece grow and gain success. 'I Can't Drive' has a similar kind of powerful and emotional tone to the previous release but in a way feels more like a romantic dream. The lyrics in 'I Can't Drive' pull you in from the first line, the instrumentals building behind them. The track feels like something you should be screaming along to in your car or in the passenger seat. When the chorus kicks in you are hit with crashing drums that make it feel large and consuming. Personally for me the second verse is lyrically very relatable and I love the way it goes from that large chorus back to just focusing on the vocals and that catchy guitar line allowing you to clearly follow the story. This is one you should definitely be checking out and adding to your playlists! Crawlers have been busy working on new music and are also preparing for their first ever UK tour which begins on the 24th of March in Liverpool.

Band Line Up

Holly Minto: Vocals Amy Woodall: Guitar Liv Kettle: Bass Harry Breen: Drums

Listen to 'I Can't Drive' HERE

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