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Corridor Sixteen - Run Away (ft. Julian Barboza)

Corridor Sixteen have recently released their new single and video 'Run Away' which features Julian Barboza.


This new song from Corridor Sixteen keeps that same upbeat pop punk type vibe that we have heard from them previously. This is a pretty enjoyable song to listen to, it seems to tell a story of difficult love. This track is very pop punk with a kind of modern edge on it this is especially with the feature. Lyrically the track could feel quite emo but paired with the upbeat guitars and great drums that carry you through this song it actually becomes something fun. The video for 'Run Away' is an easy story to follow and is visually pretty cool. I liked the way the lyrics came across the screen at varous points as though they were being written into it. This reminded me of A Day To Remember's 'All I Want' or other videos in the genre that were around at that time.

Band Line Up

Jude David: Writer, Vocalist, Guitarist Jonathan Bresar: Drums

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