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Corridor Sixteen - I Don't Want To Sleep With You

'I Don't Want To Sleep With You' by Corridor Sixteen is a pop punk, lyircally entertaining take on the story of two people that aren't equally in love with each other.


Corridor Sixteens new track 'I Don't Want To Sleep With You' is a fun pop punk piece that dropped on Youtube under a week ago and as of today is available on all streaming platforms.

This song is your kind of typical story about doomed love paired with a catchy pop punk like rhythm, interesting and entertaining lyrics and it just becomes this all round fun song. Much like others within the genre 'I Don't Want To Sleep With You' gives you the opportunity to dance and sing along with an issue that may have or may still be troubling you while being able to throw that care away. My favourite thing about this song is definitely the storytelling through the use of interestingly paired lyrics, these choices make the song in my opinion very fun. 'I Don't Want To Sleep With You' comes with a cartoon style video which was animated by Justin Vreeland. I think having the video actually adds a lot to the song and watching it alongside makes for an immersive experience. The almost highschool like drawing style video is really cool and 100% fits the song. For pop punk fans or anyone just looking for something a bit energetic and entertaining to listen to check out 'I Don't Want To Sleep With You' by Corridor Sixteen.

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