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The Accolades - This Time

Fresh indie 4-piece The Accolades are releasing their heavily anticipated second single 'This Time' tomorrow (26th May).


Following on from their popular debut 'Inhale', The Accolades are releasing new track 'This Time' on the 26th of May. Scottish 4-peice The Accolades are quickly rising in the indie music scene. Performing regularly at venues from Glasgow to Aberdeen they have gained fans along the way (including me). Their sound is very 2010's indie, reminding me of artists like Two Door Cinema Club or Vampire Weekend. The bands debut single 'Inhale' has been popular, gaining them over 7,000 streams on Spotify since it's release in February, which for a debut single is pretty impressive. I remember seeing these guys play support at a Forgetting the Future show in Aberdeen when they first started and in not even a year, they have been seen playing things like King Tuts New Years Revolution Festival and in my opinion the recognition they're getting is well deserved.

This new single from The Accolades has the same vibrant and fun indie energy as debut 'Inhale', if not even more so. 'This Time' feels warm and bright and deserves a spot on your summer playlists. The track seems quite bass driven but with fun guitars overlapping. The chorus is catchy, and the gritty vocals make an edgy and attractive contrast to the light tones of the instrumentals. I personally really enjoy this song and it's lighthearted vibe. 'This Time' is easy to listen to and should be checked out when it is released on the 26th.

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