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Indigo Skies - Lose Yourself Tonight

Warsaw based alt-rockers Indigo Skies are back with their single 'Lose Yourself Tonight'.


On the 5th of May Warsaw based Indigo Skies released their colourful and emotion packed single 'Lose Yourself Tonight'. With five releases under their belts, Indigo Skies have been featured in various media outlets around the world. The alt-rockers are also proud to have worked on international collaborations such as; working with American hip-hop artist Gwalla and Irish EDM producer Rory Godson. New single 'Lose Yourself Tonight' was written, self-produced and mixed by Indigo Skies and was mastered by Fred Miller in Copenhagen.

"This song is an honest reflection on mental health and emotional wellbeing in the post-pandemic times. This feeling of hopelessness many of us experience is daunting - not being able to find ourselves in this new, scary socio-economic reality, where everything is constantly changing. This is the one for all of us who are tired and overwhelmed, who feel like we can't keep up with the expectations of life. The lyrics relate to the deep desire to bypass the world, even if it's just for a little while." - (Indigo Skies)

'Lose Yourself Tonight' has a similar emotional tone that I have found in most of Indigo Skies releases. I think that's what I like about them, the honesty and vulnerability. This new single has a vibrant pop like sound that leans them out of the rock genre a bit, which I think gives 'Lose Yourself Tonight' this uplifting, "you're not alone" kind of feel and overall, this is a really nice song.

'Lose Yourself Tonight' (Official Music Video)

Listen to 'Lose Yourself Tonight' HERE

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