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Circus Maximus Return from Hiatus

Norwegian progressive metal act Circus Maximus are returning from their hiatus.


Norwegian prog metal group Circus Maximus are planning their return for ProgPower USA 2024. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Symphony X, Dream Theater, Queensryche, TNT and Helloween, Circus Maximus inject their uniqueness into their technical and progressive metal music. Across a career spanning over two decades, Circus Maximus have achieved four studio albums, two live albums, an EP, and two live DVDs and there's more to come.

"Eventually things started to get back to "normal", but there was a new "normal", things had changed, it wasn't as easy as you would think to get back on the horse and write new music. We got the band back on track because of one show, ProgPowerUSA!!! We've played PPUSA 7-8 times and knowing that we would meet up with our fans and friends again triggered us to write new music, so now we are writing and having fun again. And lots of big plans; new management, more dates being scheduled... the circus is back in town!" - (Michael Eriksen, Vocals) "I am really excited for the future of the band. We have had a good long break, a much needed one after so many years of not letting off the gas pedal. I think it was a healthy choice. But now we are back in the saddle, re-energized, eager to write new music, tour the planet and take the band to the next level. I hope people are as jazzed up for the next chapter of this band as we are. Can't wait to get the circus rolling again." - (Glen Møllen, Bass) "For me the hiatus gave me time to pursue other musical endeavors. In retrospect, I think I needed that break. Then came the offer to return to the US, to Atlanta and the ProgPower festival, this time as a co-headliner. One thing led to another and now we have a lot of exciting things coming, including new music and touring. Will I see you there?" - (Truls Haugen, Drums) "We got a call from ProgPower USA. This festival is more or less where Circus Maximus were born; our stepping stone if you would. It feels really great to be back doing what we love most, which is writing new music and playing shows. We can't wait." - (Mats Haugen, Guitar)

Circus Maximus will return to ProgPower USA XXIII in September 2024, with further live dates to be announced.

Circus Maximus are

Michael Eriksen: Vocals Mats Haugen: Guitar Glen Møllen: Bass Lasse Finbråten: Keyboard Truls Haugen: Drums

Circus Maximus online

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