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Nemecic - Invocation for the Muse

Nemecic releases the first taste from their second album with 'Invocation for the Muse'


Finnish melodic death metal band Nemecic have released their first single off of their as of yet untitled second album which is due to be released in Autumn of 2021. 'Invocation for the Muse' is a pretty typical death metal song but a good one. As someone who can personally be quite fussy with death metal and is very picky with the bands I actually enjoy within this genre I will say I really liked this song. It doesn't necessarily stand out to me as anything particulary out of the box but it's a really enjoyable song stacked with guitar solos and plenty of heaviness.

"This was the first song written for the album. We also chose to release it first, since it is a very meat-and-potatoes heavy metal song with three guitar solos and a fist-pumping middle section. Well, that and it's length. The lyrics are about the delicate relationship between the artist and his inspiration. Creativity will be a carrying theme throughout the album." - (Tuomo Salonen, Guitar/Vocals)

'Invocation for the Muse' is also accompanied by a lyric video which was created by Aki Suomela. I also had to chance to check out this video and I thought it was really beautiful. The visuals throughout seem to add another depth to the song and I would really recommend checking out the video along with the track.

Band Line Up

Aki Salonen: Vocals Tuomo Salonen: Guitar & Vocals Pasi Rajakallio: Guitar Emil Borg: Bass Niko Anttila: Drums

Listen to 'Invocation for the Muse' on any of these streaming services

Watch the lyric video for 'Invocation for the Muse' on Inverse Records Youtube HERE

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Promo picture by Aki Suomela

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