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Skindred - Show Time Tour - SWG3, Glasgow

As always with Skindred this show was high energy and gave me a well needed escape and laugh. All three bands which performed had great crowd control and put on great sets.


Anchor Lane

Glasgow based Alt-rock band Anchor Lane were a great opener for this show. Their energy kept me fully invested in what they were doing and after being introduced to them through this show I would definitely want to see them again. Aside from being great showmen I would say they are very talented musicians. I was stood far back from the stage during their performance but still got hooked and felt completely taken over with the music. There wasn't a single song that they played that I did not enjoy and one of the first things I did after was go and check them out on Spotify. This band have creative riffs, powerful bass and drums and great vocals to top it off. If you get a chance these guys are worth checking out.

Recommended song to check out: Blood & Irony

Check out their debut album 'Casino' HERE

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Raging Speedhorn

Second band of the night were British metal band Raging Speedhorn. These guys despite being down a member due to an injury still put on a really great show. Raging Speedhorn were definitely the heaviest of the bands with the vocalist delivering low growls and screams. As with the other bands Raging Speedhorn also had an amazing energy about them and really got the crowd going, perfect for a warm up act.

Recommended song to check out: Hard To Kill

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Newport based Skindred are said to be one of the best live bands around and after seeing them for the second time I have to agree, the show they put on is unmatched. The majority of the songs are hyped up metal with electronic and reggae influences. In my opinion Skindred are one of those bands that you have to see live at least once, hearing them doesn't do justice to the energy these guys give off. I can also practically guarantee that front man Benji will have you laughing your ass off with his perfectly timed comments and jokes. The band who introduced the Newport helicopter brought a new fun element to this tour; sandwich eating competition; where the person selected from the audience must eat the sandwich before the time runs out. It's fun little things like this and just the overall inclusivity and feeling welcomed that you get with a Skindred show that hands down makes them one of my favourite bands to see live.

Recommended song to check out : Doom Riff

Get tickets for remaining UK tour dates HERE

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