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Blockade - Mess You Made

London alt-rock band Blockade have arrived with a massive sound in their debut single 'Mess You Made'.


On the 14th of April London based alt-rock band Blockade dropped their debut single 'Mess You Made'. Thundering into the scene Blockade who formed in 2022 have made an impact with their impressive first single. With hard-hitting rock and metal riffs, soulful vocals and mosh pit beatdowns I am very excited by these guys. 'Mess You Made' is a song that lyrically explores the mounting pressure of modern life, squared against a promise to keep going. The intro to this track is alluring and gently pulls you in before the drums come in and the whole thing explodes with an attack. This is a strong song and a very strong debut release. It's very modern hard rock with a soulful twist in the vocals. 'Mess You Made' is captivating and honestly is a song I cannot get enough of. Described as being for fans of Nothing but Thieves meets Royal Blood feels entirely accurate. Blockade's energy is right up there, and I can't wait to see what else these guys are going to do.

Listen to 'Mess You Made' HERE

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