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Black Honey - Back Of The Bar

Another iconic and retro video from Black Honey has been released. They're video for 'Back Of The Bar' sees the four peice make their first 8mm film.


Black Honey's new video for 'Back Of The Bar' sees the band create another iconic looking video with the retro style that they usually use. This is Black Honey's first time making a 8mm film and that really adds a unique and great effect to the video. Black Honey definitely have their own style. All the videos I have seen from this band have this retro feel to them where you could almost be watching something from the 70s or 80s. The video for 'Back Of The Bar' is no exception to this. The video shows us a storyline, like watching a short film which is really interesting. Visually I really enjoyed this video and the song itself is really cute, the sugary vocals and the summery vibes make this song super fun to listen to. 'Back Of The Bar' was directed by Jamie Noise. The song is taken from Black Honey's new album 'Written & Directed' which you can listen to here

You can watch the full video for 'Back Of The Bar' on Black Honey's Youtube here

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